I am a technical writer and business content writer with more years of experience than I have coffee cups, and that’s saying a lot since I have a very full cupboard of cups. I have a degree in Journalism and a certificate in Technical Writing, and I’m located in Salem, Oregon.

I’ve run Crendo Communication Design since 1995, focusing mostly on writing and design for software companies. I’ve also edited HTML books, written articles for print and online magazines, and rewritten and redesigned a collection of printed forms for a state licensing agency. In addition, I’ve done creative work for a national race car team, a wooden flute maker, a children’s charity, and a company making large equipment for recycling concrete. Crendo is currently a one-person company, but at various times I have had a few other folks in the band, and I’m used to working in a team-oriented environment.

I’m actively looking for interesting new technical writing and content creation projects, so as the song says, call me. 503.580.2895

Like most folks, my 2020 has been dominated by the pandemic, so I have little to brag about this year except for the amazing number of chocolate kisses I’ve consumed while reading the news. Recent projects BP (before plague) and DP (during plague) include writing user and admin manuals for a “thin client” product, editing RFP text for a software firm, writing a 20-page research paper for a client wanting to get into a new area of business, documenting a REST interface, writing and illustrating a 10-page technical white paper for Adobe, writing a 10-page manual for a government department on how to view and print their PDFs on mobile devices such as tablets and cellphones, and updating a software manual to include instructions on touch screen signing of documents.