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I’d love to chat with you about your project. If you’re in Salem we can even meet for a coffee.

If you haven’t set a budget yet or are just gathering rough prices I suggest starting at You could also do an online search for “technical writing rates” and the current year to see updated information from writing groups and other resources.

I need the following information to provide a ballpark quote on your writing project.

  • When do you need the final (edited and spellchecked) written piece?
  • What type of item do you need? (For example, do you need a marketing brochure, some software documentation, a detailed form.)
  • How big is the project? (How many blog posts, printed pages, social media posts, or number of books.)
  • What genre (i.e. science, business, high tech, etc.)?
  • What level of knowledge of that industry does the target reader have? (Am I writing text geared to experts or newcomers.)
  • What are you wanting to accomplish? More website traffic, new readers, brand awareness?
  • How many people will be involved with either giving feedback or providing information? Will I have a single point of contact or multiple? Who makes the final decision when there’s a disagreement?

Tamra Heathershaw-Hart

Crendo is located in Salem, Oregon, but I’ve worked for people all over the USA thanks to the Internet. I can work happily in my home office in front of my desktop Mac, or at a coffee shop with my portable Mac. I can use a PC (and have one just for my accounting software) but I and my iPhone are definitely on Team Mac.