Blog Posts & Website Content

I’ve been writing website content since I went freelance in the early 90s, and blog posts since blogging was invented. Back in the early to mid-90s there weren’t all that many websites (mine was initially one of two in my section of the Yahoo Directory, which at the time was *the* reference site for finding anything on the web) so it was a lot easier to stand out than it is today.

In 1996 web design was a little primitive.

Hiring a writer (like me!) to create web content and blog posts that are both interesting to your target market and that balance showing up in the search engines while still being easy to read by humans can really pay off. Not only can well-balanced content position your website as an authority for certain types of information, but adding content and refreshing your existing content can keeping your company in front of your target via social media links.

Good Website Content Affirms Your Positioning

Your web content plays an important role in your marketing. Gearing it only toward a search engine position usually results in text that is too keyword-loaded to be easily readable, and that definitely does little to position your company in your market. Aim for content that actually interests your target market, or that confirms to them that you are a legitimate company, and your site will have a better chance of selling your offering to your audience.

Blog Posts Are Perennial

A great benefit to blog posts is that not only can they be re-marketed via social media as part of “Throwback Thursday” or when the subject matter touches on something currently newsworthy, but they also tend to have good staying power in the search engine results due to links from other websites.

I wrote consumer-oriented blog posts for this client

When searching for information on a technology or a product people not only look for reviews, they also look for long-form discussions on blogs and in online magazines to make sure they’re making a good choice. Your blog can support your product or service by including posts that go into depth on specific features, or by highlighting one of your client’s experiences with your product or service. Blog posts can also excerpt a small section of a longerĀ white paper to draw more readers to those more in-depth discussions.

Here are a few examples of blog posts and website content that I’ve written or edited.