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I’m Tamra Heathershaw-Hart, the owner of Crendo. I have a degree in Journalism (1983) from the University of Oregon (go Ducks!) and a certificate in Technical Communication (1990) from DeAnza. I worked in public relations & marketing before becoming a technical writer, and have been self-employed since 1995.

My motto has always been “to do good work for good people.” I work hard to make sure your job gets done on time and on budget, and I try to make the process headache-free for you.

Crendo was founded in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley in 1995 to catch the Dot Com boom by a technical writer (that’s me!) and a computer programmer (my husband Bruce). We spent 20 years creating websites, writing web and brochure text, developing presentations, designing complicated charts and graphs, and copy-editing and formatting press releases and newsletters. Our goal was always to help clients convey complicated messages as clearly as possible.

In 2015 Bruce moved back to his first love, programming, and now spends his days creating complex software for state government agencies. Meanwhile I’ve moved the company focus back to my roots in technical writing, specializing in software manuals, white papers, and brochures.

In addition to technical and content writing I’m also working on some fiction. (Someday I may even let a few people read one of my stories.) When I’m not writing I can be found reading, doing paper crafts, or playing an MMO (computer game) with my mother-in-law. No matter what I’m doing, there’s usually a cup of coffee in my hand, and one of my cats is nearby.