Having software manuals and how-to documentation that clearly explains and demonstrates a product or service is important for most companies. For companies with a highly-complex products or specialty services having great documentation can save the company a lot of money in support calls. Complete documentation can be a selling point, and is often a contract requirement.

instruction manual screen shot

Page from a User Guide written for a client who creates background check software for state governments.

I’ve been writing software and hardware documentation since the late 1980s — I’ve documented programming languages, written system administration guides, edited and updated software docs, and designed quick reference guides. My favorite type of project is when I have to make an extremely technical product seem easy-to-use for a non-technical audience, but I’ve also written quick reference manuals for compilers running on massively parallel computers, setup manuals for modems, translation guides for GUIs, and system administration manuals for large database systems.