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Proposal Writing and RFP Monitoring

Seeing a posting for a “Proposal writer” job today made me realize I haven’t talked about one of my ongoing client projects. My client sells their two software products to city, county, and state governments, and came to me three years ago asking if I could provide them with some help in their RFP process.

I currently do the following:

  • Read daily RFP emails from state agencies and RFP aggregators.
  • Monitor state databases of open RFPs for states that don’t send email updates.
  • Identify opportunities to pursue. 
  • Review documents associated with the RFPs/RFIs, and summarize any issues or concerns.

I’ve also started a database of potential partnership opportunities related to the RFPs and will be helping the company to write “getting to know you” emails that they will send to a select group of potential partners.

If you’re looking for a similar service, or need help writing RFP responses, I’d love to chat with you. 

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