Category: Client Work

Three Tips for Improving RFP Titles

A lot of government departments and corporations work hard at figuring out what to put in their RFPs, but spend little time thinking about the RFP title or the names of the documents associated with the proposal request. Clear posting titles can often be the last priority, especially when the RFP creators are busy thinking […]

Proposal Writing and RFP Monitoring

Seeing a posting for a “Proposal writer” job today made me realize I haven’t talked about one of my ongoing client projects. My client sells their two software products to city, county, and state governments, and came to me three years ago asking if I could provide them with some help in their RFP process. […]

Throwback Thursday: Writing and Design of LeDoux Brochure

A throwback post today, about some brochure writing I did for a local client. At the time that Mr. LeDoux approached us about creating a brochure he typically marketed using humorous postcards with cartoon illustrations, so he didn’t have much in the way of content that could be repurposed. I took detailed notes at our […]

Redesigning Text-Heavy Handouts

Here’s a recent response (with a few edits to protect confidentiality) to a question by a PR person who wanted to know how I’d redesign some single-page flyers for a client of theirs. “I think {your client’s} projects are as much “information design” as they are graphic design. In other words the project isn’t just […]