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Throwback Thursday: Writing and Design of LeDoux Brochure

A throwback post today, about some brochure writing I did for a local client. At the time that Mr. LeDoux approached us about creating a brochure he typically marketed using humorous postcards with cartoon illustrations, so he didn’t have much in the way of content that could be repurposed. I took detailed notes at our initial meeting about what he wanted to convey, and wrote text geared to appeal to his target market. Since his postcards were humorous, I kept the tone light-hearted and casual. 

screen shot of brochure text
Initial draft of brochure text

We went through a couple of rounds of edits to get the text right where Mr. LeDoux wanted it. Most of the time when I do brochure writing it takes many additional rounds of revisions to get the combination of text and images approved, so I consider this one of my easy brochure writing projects.

Mr. LeDoux loved the design from day one. The only major changes from our initial mockup were to find a car photo with lots of blue sky and open road to use on the cover, and to tighten up the map we drew for the back cover. 

Here’s a slideshow of the final brochure and the first draft of the text.

The LeDoux automotive brochure was created in partnership with my husband, who supplied all the photography. 

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