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    REST API Documentation

    I recently had the opportunity to write a short (about 10 page) manual on a specific REST API for a client. I’m still trying to find some spare time to edit out any confidential info so I can post a PDF, but hope to get that done this week. REST API documentation is a growing area for technical writers. I’ve documented specifications before, and have documented software that used calls similar to REST to perform operations. But one thing struck me immediately about the sample docs I was finding online that were specifically REST API docs: they jump right in to tables of parameters. I saw almost zero text of…

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    Throwback Thursday: Writing and Design of LeDoux Brochure

    A throwback post today, about some brochure writing I did for a local client. At the time that Mr. LeDoux approached us about creating a brochure he typically marketed using humorous postcards with cartoon illustrations, so he didn’t have much in the way of content that could be repurposed. I took detailed notes at our initial meeting about what he wanted to convey, and wrote text geared to appeal to his target market. Since his postcards were humorous, I kept the tone light-hearted and casual.  We went through a couple of rounds of edits to get the text right where Mr. LeDoux wanted it. Most of the time when I…

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    Working Remotely

    An interesting blog post from May on Technical Communication and Urbanization caught my eye this morning. I lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley when I started as a tech writer, but moved to be closer to family. You couldn’t pay me enough to move back, or to move to one of the other cities known for tech writing jobs. It’s not the cost that’s keeping me away (although that would be enough on its own). It’s the lifestyle. Here in Salem I’m just over an hour from the coast. I’m a short drive from three of my favorite wineries, and can easily drive a little further to find…