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    REST API Documentation

    I recently had the opportunity to write a short (about 10 page) manual on a specific REST API for a client. I’m still trying to find some spare time to edit out any confidential info so I can post a PDF, but hope to get that done this week. REST API documentation is a growing area for technical writers. I’ve documented specifications before, and have documented software that used calls similar to REST to perform operations. But one thing struck me immediately about the sample docs I was finding online that were specifically REST API docs: they jump right in to tables of parameters. I saw almost zero text of…

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    Twitter Activity Analysis Tool

    Are you wondering if the time you spend on Twitter (either marketing yourself or a company) is well spent? Thanks to Jane Friedman’s Electric Speed newsletter I’ve learned about a new tool that can tell you how much you’re using Twitter, what types of Tweets you’re posting, what hashtags you’ve used and whether you tend to repost or post all new content. Account Analysis Tool I think this tool is especially valuable for small- and micro-biz owners who do their own tweeting. For example, a business owner might discover they aren’t retweeting enough people in their business area, or that they only use hashtags that correspond to their favorite sports…

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    AI and Tech Writing

    Interesting article on the STC (society for technical communication) website. “One aspect of AI that is often overlooked is the role of the technical writer. Amidst the appeal of new technology, technical writers serve a vital role in development of AI applications, including chatbots, by being the subject experts most equipped to address the content requirements of chatbots.” AI, Chatbots, and Content, Oh My! (or Technical Writers Are Doomed—to Lifelong Employment)

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    Online Store Checklist

    With the closure of the Amazon Hosted Stores on the horizon (official date sometime in 2016) we’re talking to potential clients who have been using that service. Whether considering other hosted services or doing a “build/host your own” store we’ve noticed that we’re giving clients the same basic list of items to think about when deciding which software/service to move to. The standard set of “store things” are: Ease of associating a custom domain. Ease of adding items (sku, description, weight, price, category, photos). If the photo can be zoomed into by the customer to look at details (Amazon provided that). Being able to group items by category. How to…