Twitter Activity Analysis Tool

Are you wondering if the time you spend on Twitter (either marketing yourself or a company) is well spent? Thanks to Jane Friedman’s Electric Speed newsletter I’ve learned about a new tool that can tell you how much you’re using Twitter, what types of Tweets you’re posting, what hashtags you’ve used and whether you tend to repost or post all new content.

Account Analysis Tool

I think this tool is especially valuable for small- and micro-biz owners who do their own tweeting. For example, a business owner might discover they aren’t retweeting enough people in their business area, or that they only use hashtags that correspond to their favorite sports teams. Knowing little details like that might encourage the business owner to use Twitter differently. For myself, seeing that I’ve recently spent much more time on Twitter on Mondays has encouraged me to not let Twitter dominate the start of my work week — it was fine during the Christmas and New Years weeks, but now that we’re back to not having mid-week holidays I need to make sure I don’t let that become a habit.

Chart showing I'm more active on Monday
Screenshot of my Twitter activity analysis.

I like the interface a lot — it’s simple, clean, and easy to read. It provides enough information while not overwhelming you with too many types of information, and doesn’t rely on jargon.

If you like the tool you can follow the creator on Twitter for additional information, and he does offer Pro Accounts.

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