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    REST API Documentation

    I recently had the opportunity to write a short (about 10 page) manual on a specific REST API for a client. I’m still trying to find some spare time to edit out any confidential info so I can post a PDF, but hope to get that done this week. REST API documentation is a growing area for technical writers. I’ve documented specifications before, and have documented software that used calls similar to REST to perform operations. But one thing struck me immediately about the sample docs I was finding online that were specifically REST API docs: they jump right in to tables of parameters. I saw almost zero text of…

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    Redesigning Text-Heavy Handouts

    Here’s a recent response (with a few edits to protect confidentiality) to a question by a PR person who wanted to know how I’d redesign some single-page flyers for a client of theirs. “I think {your client’s} projects are as much “information design” as they are graphic design. In other words the project isn’t just “how do I make this look better” but also involves thinking about how to categorize and “chunk” the information so it has more of an impact, and then design a layout that does a good job of both branding the client and getting the information read. I’d be looking at the text not just as…